About. Film director Maryam Makhieva

Mariam Makhieva is a director of documentary and narrative films. She was born in Kabardino-Balkaria, the North Caucasus region of Russia. Based in Saint Petersburg for twelve years. But since Russia started the war, Mariam lived in Istanbul. She has been based in Paris since the end of November 2023.

In her films, Mariam explores the social processes taking place in modern Russia, including in her native region.
Mariam is a seven-time Best Documentary Feature winner.
Her work concentrates on social themes issues of justice, women’s rights, human rights, science, and scientific thought.
Mariam believes in science and a scientific approach and wants to share what is important to her and many others. To share the magic and beauty of reality, the stories of people, and to feel unity in the beautiful things that make us human. Humanity, consciousness, and our desire to know ourselves and the whole world around us are the greatest and most delightful gifts that we possess, which she wants to capture in her films.
Mariam creates ideas, writes scripts, finds movie characters, and shoots and edits films herself, but prefers to make movies with teams. Five films were shot with several different production companies. She has more than 11 documentary works, three of which are full-length.


Goryankу — documentary film, 2020
screenwriter, director, video editor
Gorky Film Studio

In Subway Together — documentary film, 2017
director, camera operator, screenwriter, video editor
project «Signs of Life» by Radio Liberty  

The new HDD of Misha Bo — documentary film, 2017
director, camera operator, screenwriter, video editor
project «Signs of Life» by Radio Liberty  

Actress from Serov — documentary film, 2017
director, camera operator, screenwriter, video editor
project «Signs of Life» by Radio Liberty    

Neutrinos and Andyrtau — documentary film, 2015
director, screenwriter, video editor  

They went dancing — documentary film, 2014
director, camera operator, screenwriter, video editor  

Mr. Pejo wandering dolls  — documentary film, 2013
director, camera operator, screenwriter, video editor  

Nur — experimental feature film, 2013
director, screenwriter, video editor 

Rick — documentary film, 2013
director, camera operator, screenwriter, video editor 

Alice in abandoned cities — documentary film, 2012
director, screenwriter, video editor    


2017 — Anna Ganshenaya's scriptwriting course
St. Petersburg School of Television

2016 — five-day course on a documentary film
workshop by Marina Razbezhkina 

2015 — workshops on the shooting and development of black and white 16 mm film
workshop by director Victor De Las Era

2014, 2016 — a series of workshops 
by Alexander Sokurov

2010-2015 — the specialist program of «Directing film and television»
curated by Valery Obogrelov 
St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television

Selected Projects:

2013-2016 — director and camera operator on movies about filming
Babie leto, directed by Dmitriy Svetozarov
Kharms, directed by Ivan Bolotnikov
Proline Film

2013 — PR coordinator
Message to Man International Film Festival

2015 — assistant director and script supervisor
Shadow, directed by Dmitriy Svetozarov
ACDC Film Company

2016 — assistant director for actors, photographer 
Vyzhit Lyuboy Tcenoi, directed by Bogdan Drobyazko 
3xmedia film company

2018 — assistant director for actors 
White Nights, directed by Dmitriy Svetozarov 
Proline Film

Director, camera operator and video editor of documentary films
the project Signs of Life by Radio Liberty