Across dark matter

Documentary, 82 min

The documentary delves into the world of the Large Hadron Collider and the enigmas of dark matter. Scientist Irina Schreiber’s journey in science, intertwined with her love story with scientist Frank Tecker, serves as a gateway to exploring the universe. At its heart is humanity’s quest to understand the profound laws of existence. Unique interviews, rare archival footage, and state-of-the-art animation highlight the importance of international scientific collaboration. This film celebrates the passion for knowledge, the pursuit of unraveling the universe’s mysteries, and the individuals who daily bring us closer to new discoveries.

Film director Mariam Makhieva


Documentary, 41 min

  A story about several women living in the North Caucasus. The movie raises the topic of feminism, examines the context of national traditions and religion through the prism of stories of their lives. Despite everything, they found the strength and courage to become successful and outstanding people.  

the film can be viewed on Russian platforms

Film director Mariam Makhieva


Doc.Sydney (Sydney Documentary Film Festival), Australia

— The award for Best Feature Documentary Film

“A man who knows the world” Film Festival  

— Diploma and prize for a Best Documentary film 

Official Selection:

The American Documentary and Animation Film Festival (AmDocs), Palm Springs, USA 

  Doc.London (London Documentary Film Festival), U.K. 

 Falcon International Film Festival, U.K. 

 The International Fiorenzo Serra Film Festival, Italy 

  The International Golden Bridge İstanbul Short Film Festival, Istanbul, Turkey

Anatolia International Film Festival, Istanbul, Turkey


Neutrinos and Andyrtau

Documentary, 17 min

The Baksan Neutrino Observatory is a unique place in the mountains of the Caucasus. This observatory is one of the most profound, located at a depth of 4000 m. Here Russian astrophysicists catch a ghost particle — a neutrino emitted by the Sun and stars of a galaxy.

Film director Mariam Makhieva


The International Science Film Festival The World of Knowledge, Russia
— Best Director Prize
— Diploma for a Best Debut


 Brainfest Film Festival, Russia

  The International Student Film Festival PiterKit, Russia  

The International  Short Film Festival Cittadella GeoFilmFestival, Italy

They went dancing

Documentary, 20 min

A documentary about people who are engaged in sport dancing in wheelchairs. In the center of the history of the two heroines. Elena Lozko, who founded the Russian Federation Wheelchair Dance Sport and opened the first Russian club. Alexander Berdnikov, which is more than seven years of experience dancing in wheelchairs.  

Film director Mariam Makhieva


The International Human Rights Film Festival  STALKER, Russia  

— Diploma of the Documentary competition Jury
— Special Prize of the Council of Europe Program Office in the Russian Federation

The Short Film Festival Art-Iso-Fest, Russia  
 — Winner of Documentary competition  

The International Student Film Festival PiterKit, Russia
— Diploma

  The International Film Festival We Care Film Fest, India
  — Winner of Documentary competition 

International Film Festival Picture this…, Canada

— Winner of Documentary competition 

Participant of the competition programs:

The Ореn Student and Debut Film Festival Saint Anna, Russia

The International Film Festival Bosifest, Serbia 

Actress from Serov

Documentary, 12 min

An accountant from the Ural city comes to Saint Petersburg in search of acting happiness. The film is a part of the project “Signs of Life” by Radio Liberty.

Film director Mariam Makhieva

The new HDD of Misha Bo

Documentary, 24 min

The film is about Misha Bo, a well-known young blogger, poet, and photographer from Saint Petersburg. In 2017, Misha was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.

«If you record all the processes taking place in the world in formulas, you get a huge database. And in theory, this database should be stored somewhere. There must be such a stimulating drive, such a hyper-machine. And this will be God».

Misha died in February 2020. He didn't lose his courage and fought to the end.

Film director Mariam Makhieva


Promo video, 2.11 min

Anti-utopian video.

Zero is a device that protects your phone from wiretapping. The device encrypts your voice, the receiving device decrypts, but the intercepted signal will only be a set of different sounds… 

Maryam Makhieva —directing, idea, script
Alexandra Dreval — camera, color correction
Ivan Krylov — sound engineering
Anatoly Sveshnikov — actor

Film director Mariam Makhieva